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Farming is the largest industry in the entire world. Through Farming jobs , we recieve most of the things that we use daily.From our basic necessities to luxuries. But unfortunately , the millions of people who work the land don't get paid fairly resulting in them and their families struggling with abject poverty. 

Organizations like FairTrade International , Rainforest Alliance ,and Fair For life , and others , ensure that the trend in the world shifts to a higher ethical standard to respect the quality of Human life.

Organizations like these elevate the earth and bring justice to society. For people to work long hours out in fields and not get paid sufficiently to the point of desperation is unacceptable and we are amongst angels in this world who strive to make a difference.


Over 2 Million farmers are being helped through Companies becoming certified with FairTrade and the number keeps on going up year by year. It's simple , people want to buy products without feeling guilty of having it harm another human being. 

FairTrade producers can be found in 70 Countries to date!

FairTrade Products are being sold in over 140 Countries.

There is access to over 37,000 different products currently. Any basic neccessity is available with FairTrade Standards.

When we support the companies doing the right things by purchasing from them ,we give them a means to sustain A full cycle of honest business from  start to finish, thereby, encouraging other companies with unfair practices to want to be a part of the sales they're missing out on!

There are over 2,000 FairTrade producers!

Products Made by Farmers all around:




Composite Products

Flowers & plants

Fruits & Juices

Gold & Metals

Herbs & Spices


Nuts & Oil







Wine and wine grapes

All these Products surround our lives daily

"3 to 5 cups of coffee daily is the most common choice for Americans"

- from driveresearch.com

and most coffee companies are using unethical Business Practices. imagine how many lives can be changed for the better when we choose a brand with FairTrade.

The Daily intake of food for all of us is enormous in number , therefore , if we are careful with what and who we purchase from , the number of poverty stricken farmers will go down. Every purchase counts!

That's why we created this site!

To give the world an easy way to choose FairTrade Products. We took and are continouously taking the tedious task of showcasing FairTrade products by Brand , Price , Category , and Variation. You can filter it based on your needs. again , there is tons of products , we are not lacking products thanks to these commited brands. We Carry some brands in our warehouse and other companies that haven't yet hit our Warehouse , we provide the links to wherever you can find the products that are Certified.

We may send you to amazon or to a companies main site. When applicable , we do recieve a small percentage of a purchase from Amazon. This will help our site to continue adding more and more products that are fairtrade and will help to improve the sites navigation and anything else we may need to upkeep this meaningful site. This will also help me hopefully make this my full-time job. The more time me and my friends can hop onto fairtradecircle.com , the greater impact we can have with you! in simplifying the purchase of Fairtrade products and helping millions of people around the world. Thank you for coming to our site! we appreciate your care and concern for human life and hope we can appreciate and realize the positive impacts we can have when we work together.



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