About FairTrade

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FairTrade certification is a globally recognized standard aimed at promoting sustainable and equitable trade practices by ensuring fair prices, decent working conditions, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries. The certification is typically represented by a Fairtrade mark or label on products, indicating that they meet specific environmental, economic, and social criteria.


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Fair Prices and Wage Security

- Ensures that producers receive a minimum price that covers the cost of sustainable production. - Provides a Fairtrade Premium, an additional sum of money paid to producers for investment in social, economic, and environmental improvements.

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Decent Working Conditions

Promotes safe and healthy working conditions. - Prohibits forced labor and exploitative child labor. - Ensures that workers’ rights are protected, including the right to unionize and bargain collectively.

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Community Development

Supports the development of local communities by investing the Fairtrade Premium in projects such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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Environmental Sustainability

Encourages sustainable farming practices. Promotes the reduction of environmental impacts through restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals and the promotion of organic farming.


  • over 2 million farmers assisted
  • 70 countries
  • more than €1.5 billion in Fairtrade Premium
  • more than 37,000 products available to everyone
  • Fairtrade products were sold in 143 different countries in 2021

“The more we choose FairTrade Products over suspected Slave Labor-practice Companies , the higher the chance they will switch over to FairTrade- because they’ll be missing out on a large audience of customers who recognize the moral and ethical values instituted into FairTrade”

~site founder

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